Easy and Effective Approach to Hazardous Waste

Here’s a fact: toxic waste can lead to health problems for millions of people. Are you going to join the rage or are you going to stand up against pollution? Hazardous waste in Toronto is a serious problem in the present generation. In fact, evidence of pollution has been popping right beneath our noses each day. Think of that asthmatic child you saw last night or the red tide occurrence you saw in the news the other week. All these are further reasons why companies like Rapid Waste and Disposal is a great promise not just to the environment but to all of Toronto’s residents.

Hazardous wastes fall into various categories. First, there’s corrosive waste which includes car battery acid that can potentially eat away materials and can cause skin/eye injury. There are also those flammable wastes like turpentine, lighter fluid, and gasoline, which can potentially ignite. Third, there are the poisonous wastes from cleaning fluids that can be lethal to people even in small quantities. There are also chemicals that can explode when stored in areas that are more than 50 degrees Celsius like aerosols.

Rapid Waste & Disposal provides services in the management of hazardous waste in Toronto. We work in strict compliance with the rules of proper waste management. Disposal of hazardous waste is not something that anyone can do, so it is just right that you allow a professional to handle the job for you.

If you or your company needs proper disposal of hazardous waste in Toronto, call Rapid Waste & Disposal. We are conveniently located in Etobicoke at 34 Leading Road, Ontario. Our services are available in the entire GTA and Ontario area. For more of our services other than hazardous waste disposal in Toronto areas, call (416) 984-0044 any time. Our dispatch team is available 24/7 ready to take on your request!

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