Garbage Bin Rentals

Garbage Bin Rentals

Rapid Bin Services Waste & Disposal is now offering recycling programs for various clienteles such as the industrial and corporate ones. Our garbage, waste and trash bin rentals include bins appropriate for neighborhood residents, commercial spaces, and industrial plants in Toronto. Listed below are the possible sizes of our garbage bins for rent. The sizes may range from 40 yards, which is the biggest, to 6 yards, which is the smallest possible bin size.

Sizes of Garbage and Waste Bins

  •          6-yard waste bins are typically used for downtown areas. Width is an important issue for the bins since there is limited access in lane ways. These slim bins then have the measurements of being 6’ wide, 4’ tall, and 9’ long.
  •          10-yard waste bins are being commonly used by single families in the neighborhood. With measurements being 7’6’’ wide, 4’ tall, and 10’ long, these bins can store wastes that a couple pickup trucks should load up.
  •          14-yard waste bins are for those families that have wastes and stuff to the extremes. A bin of this size usually measures 7’6’’ wide, 5’ tall, and 12’ long.
  •          20-yard waste bins are commonly seen at homes or factories performing major renovations, large clean ups and demolition jobs. A bin like this has the measurements of 7’6’’ wide, 6’tall and 12’ long.
  •          40-yard waste bins are commonly used in commercial projects that do not concern certain storage spaces. These bins have the measurements of 7’6’’ wide, 8’tall and 18’ long.

Sizes of Dirt, Concrete, or Asphalt Bins

  •          6-yard trash bins are the most common type of bins used by single families, by those who have gardened dig ups, and by those having excavation jobs in the lane way.
  •          10-yard trash bins are the second most common type of bins used in residential projects.
  •          14-yard trash bins are for those residential or commercial spaces that have pool dig outs.
  •          20-yard trash bins are most often than not used in commercial projects only.