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Before you attempt to do any excavation work on your own, you should know that doing so can be extremely dangerous. Excavation work calls for specially trained individuals who understand the different qualities of the many different types of soil. These highly trained experts will also have the insurance to cover any accidents that happen due to excavation work, which your homeowner’s insurance typically will not cover.

Excavation Work Can Create Dangers

Soil in your hand may not seem like a dangerous thing, but it is actually very heavy because it is very dense. Soil weighs about 3000 pounds for every cubic meter. This weight will make it nearly impossible for the person to breathe. Should a cave-in happen, anyone trapped underneath the soil will suffocate within a few minutes. For those who are rescued in time, it is very likely that they will have internal injuries from the enormous weight of the soil that was on top of them.

Any time you need to dig more than a meter deep, you should hire an experienced company to do the work. Construction work involving excavation in Toronto is governed by strict laws which must be followed to prevent accidents from happening.

During excavation, a knowledgeable company will have someone who will know how to check the soil to see which kind of support systems are needed so that construction workers are protected. Protecting construction workers and others who will be near, or in, an excavation is very important. Otherwise, even a small cave-in can be deadly.

While soil at the surface may seem stable, water just below the surface, or future rainfall, may make soil less than stable when the horizontal layer that had previously supported the remaining soil is removed. Because of this, even a little bit of rainfall can result in slides and cave-ins. This is one reason why excavation work should be done by a professional team that is experienced in not only extracting the soil but also implementing safety barricades and temporary walls.

Removed Soil Can be Contaminated

Sometimes, because of leaks at nearby industrial sites, or other hazardous materials locations, soil can also be contaminated with chemicals that are dangerous once they are brought up to the surface. Finding a company that is also experienced in handling toxic substances is very important to the health of not just you and your family but also to the entire neighbourhood. Faulty handling of contaminated soil can affect people living nearby for years to come. Excavation in Toronto and surrounding areas should never be the reason for more contamination in our environment.

Different Reasons You Might Need Excavation

Many homeowners need work completed and use excavation as part of carrying out this work. New construction of homes, office buildings, clinics, hospitals, shopping centres, and even roads and bridges, almost always require excavation services. Putting in a new pool, building a walled or terraced area, or carrying out extensive work on basement walls might be reasons that homeowners would need the services of an excavation company.

Finding the Right Company in Toronto

There are several companies who engage in excavation in Toronto, but most are not able to provide all the services that Rapid Waste & Disposal is able to. Rapid Waste & Disposal has highly trained and experienced technicians who are qualified to work in all situations related to excavation. These knowledgeable individuals are able to professionally and safely handle any situation that might arise from excavation work, including hazardous chemicals and contamination often found in the soil.

When you need to dig, you don’t need to call to find out where the gas and power lines are located. You and your family will be much safer if you call for expert excavation services from Rapid Waste & Disposal instead. We can handle any job, large or small, from the call to locate power and gas lines all the way through cleaning up after the work is done.

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