Save Your Life through Proper Contaminated Soil Removal

Everything has its consequence and Toronto’s boom in construction has led to unearthing massive amounts of soil that are contaminated with petroleum and heavy metals. And what’s worse, it is unknown where the dirt is going because of the lack of initiative of tracking it. So each passing of time, new toxic soil is uncovered accidentally by people. Because of this, contaminated soil removal in Toronto is a timely measure that must be adapted.

Contaminated soil provides a great risk for humans through inhalation of vapours, direct contact with these contaminants, and secondary contamination like drinking polluted water sourced beneath the soil. If these are left unmanaged, it could escalate into something uncontrollable.

The worry for humans is the fact that contaminated soil can directly affect our health. The health consequence can vary largely on the type of pollutants and the vulnerability of the person who is exposed to the said pollution. For example, if a person experiences chronic exposure to chemicals like chromium and lead then this can potentially be carcinogenic and may cause congenital disorders or chronic health problems.

The dangers of these chemicals to humans

Let it be known still that pollutants are not only due to strong chemicals but include those associated with livestock manure such as ammonia and nitrates. There is a big list of problems that chemicals can do to the body, and they can range from minor consequences like nausea, headache, eye irritation, skin rash, and fatigue, and to major worries like cancers and chronic medical troubles. At large number, it is even safe to say that many of these soil contaminants can lead to death.

If you suspect that your area or property needs contaminated soil removal in Toronto area, call Rapid Waste & Disposal for prompt and expert service. This problem needs to be seriously addressed so that health problems can be avoided in the near future.

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