Asbestos Handling

Asbestos is a popular construction and building material due to its tensile strength, sound absorption, resistance to fire, heat, chemical and electrical damage, not to mention its affordability. However, when in contact with the lungs for a prolonged time, asbestos triggers asbestosis and lung cancer. It is not surprising then that removal of asbestos is usually needed during big construction projects. And as a construction builder, the last thing you need is a group of untrained asbestos handlers messing around with the harmful material.

You should let professionals do the dirty work in handling these hazardous asbestos materials. In choosing Rapid Waste and Disposal, we can immediately connect you with our licensed contractors who specialize in the careful and proper handling of this product. Whether you need a specialized bin to store the asbestos or a hauling process to remove the material properly, RWD can cater all of these needs while working at above M.O.E. standards.

May it be a type 1, 2, or 3 asbestos, RWD is licensed to handle them all. We also supply all the necessary government paperwork.

Additionally, the environmental building abatement division of RWD can also perform the removal of lead paint in various facilities like an educational institution or an active automotive manufacturing plant. We also provide services such as abatement of contaminated dust, decontamination of moulds and fungi, and removal of liquid hazardous waste.

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