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Garbage collection is one of the services that are really important in keeping the home safe, secure and sanitary. Almost all goods create garbage after use. From plastics to paper to bottles and other commodities, once it has passed it use it gets tossed right out in the trash. Because of this garbage collection becomes the first needed services when you see the trash piling up. Rapid Waste & Disposal offers their many services to ensure that residential, commercial and even industrial locations of Ontario remain clean. GTA residents can also request garbage bin rental services are available which allows you to rent garbage bins specific to the task you need. From a simple 6-yard bin to the larger, 40 yards, all are available. Other services include demolition services for buildings, refineries, mills, towers and many more.

Rapid Waste & Disposal is based in Etobicoke and holds its many services around the GTA and Ontario area. Garbage collection is another of its most common services. Both commercial and residential areas are served. Recycling is also a part of our collection. We salvage whatever can be used or reused and send them to a second-hand store or to charity. Plants and refineries can also request clean-outs to Rapid Waste & Disposal.

You can also call us for any requests by dialing (416) 984-0044. Our services are available 24/7 as there could be garbage emergencies any time. Visit us at 34 Leading Road. Etobicoke, ON M9V 3S9 CA. Is your garbage piling up now! Call us and get your garbage cleaned out now!

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